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LiveJournal Schools Directory

welcome to Team Leaky Canoe

LiveJournal Schools Directory
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Managing the Schools Directory
This community is for those volunteers and employees working on the Schools Directory. To make a change or correction to an existing school, or add a new school, please see the Schools Directory FAQ for instructions.

If you'd like to join the Schools Team, please email support@livejournal.com. In your email, please include the following -


Country and/or region you're interested in working in:

Any languages you read and/or speak:

How much time per week you are able to dedicate to the team:

Any other information and or skills you have that you feel we should know about:

Briefly explain why you want to join the Schools team:

The Schools team member spend their time approving schools, cleaning up their area of the directory, and answering Support requests from users regarding the Schools directory. We are always accepting applications for any country, but cannot accept every applicant. We do keep old applications on file, should an opening in that country come up.